IE Logo Vs. Edge Logo

I saw the unveiling of the new Microsoft logo just recently, and I thought this would be a great topic of discussion. It looks to me as if Microsoft wanted to incorporate elements from the old Internet Explorer logo into the logo for their new browser, called Edge. Let’s take a look at the new edge logo and compare it with the old Internet Explorer logo.


Similarities Between the IE Logo and the Edge Logo

There are definitely similarities between the two logos. Both use the lowercase version of the letter e. They both also have a portion cut away from the left side. They are both blue, too. This is where the similarities stop. To the untrained eye, some would say that both logos were very close.


The Major Differences in the Edge Logo and the Internet Explorer Logo

shape-difference     counter

The first major difference is the shape of the e. Internet Explorer’s e is very close to being perfectly round. You could overlay a circle and they would match up. Edge’s e is taller, and so is it’s counter. Edge’s shape is more like a capital g or a motorcycle helmet.


The crossbar in the edge logo is thicker, giving it more presence. The crossbar in the IE logo seems to disappear at smaller sizes.


The cutout on the left side of the e cuts into the counter in the Edge Logo. It doesn’t go near it in the Internet Explorer logo.


Edge doesn’t have the ring of Saturn loop around it like Internet Explorer does. I know it was supposed to represent a world wide presence, but the loop just made the logo awkward. It extended below the baseline, way too far above the cap height, and to me, it just threw the whole thing out of balance. I always felt like the Internet Explorer logo was going to topple over.


The bottom portion of the e in the Edge logo is also shorter, with the end closing in a vertical stroke instead of a horizontal one.


The differences in blues are like night and day. The light blue in the old Internet Explorer logo seemed to fade away. The darker blue of edge is more prominent, without being overwhelming.


Overall, I like the Edge logo much better than the Internet Explorer logo, even if it’s inspired by it. It is like a more evolved version of the old logo. That would coincide well with Edge and Internet Explorer’s relationship, because Edge is supposed to be a more evolved version of Internet Explorer. Only time will tell, but at least they went in the right direction with their logo.