A Simple Logo Is More Effective

If you’re looking to make an impact with your logo, the 1st thing you should consider is how easy it is to understand. A complicated logo can cripple a business. The whole point of a logo is to convey a message to potential customers that connects instantaneously. How do you do that? The answer is simplicity. Let’s take a look at some tips for making your logo as simple and easy to understand as possible.


It’s a Representation

For a logo to connect with its audience, it must mean something to them. When you have too many details and intricacies to your logo, it makes it tougher for someone to recognize. Think about Target. What is their logo? It’s a big red and white target symbol. You can’t get much easier than that. What about Apple? The apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it, but in it’s simplest form. When you see a computer with the glowing white apple on the back of it, you know who made it. That’s the power of simplicity and recognition.

Why a Simple Logo Is Better

A simple logo works better, because it’s easier to remember. Think about the last time you saw a logo with a bunch of intricately carved elements and fine details. You probably can’t think of one. Do you get my point now? It’s too much to remember, and a more detailed logo takes longer to build brand recognition and staying power. Staying power is how long a logo stays with you after you’ve seen it. A logo with too many elements won’t stay with you for long, because of all of the intricate details that are included.

Refine a Logo to it’s Fundamental elements and shapes

One of my favorite branding efforts was one by Sony for its Playstation products. For the longest time, and they may still be doing this, they used the triangle, circle, x and square in a straight row as their branding. It resonated with their customers, because they recognized the 4 main buttons that are on their controllers. They should, because they’ve mashed them thousands of times, memorizing button sequences for games.

McDonald's: A Simple logo that is effective


A Perfect Example of a Simple Logo

One logo I refer to a lot in my writings about the field of design is the McDonald’s logo. Often referred to as the Golden Arches, it is a prime example of simplicity in logo design at its finest. They started out with text and the arches, and eventually became so recognized that they were able to use just the arches to represent their brand. When you see someone carrying a cup of coffee with the arches on the side, you know immediately where it came from.

Replicate the Same Concept

Essentially, that’s what you want with your own business. You want a killer logo that is simple in design, easy to remember, and instantly connects with the right people. Those people are your customer base. They are the ones that see your logo, recognize your company as a quality product, and repeatedly buy from you. People buy from companies they trust. That trust is earned over time.

Simple Logos: Conclusion

A simple logo is easier to remember than one with too many details. Just as you would in anything else you design, you want to strip away everything that isn’t necessary, until you get down to only the essential elements and information. The Milton Glaser quote “Just enough is more” reigns supreme, especially in logo design. Having just enough elements to a design, while balancing a design so that it relays the message you’re trying to send in its entirety, is the key to success. Basically, make sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.